FDIM 2023 Winners

FDIM Winners and BIG winners for 2023

Results of the Homebrew Contest
Category 100 Station Accessories
Adam Kimmerly K6ARK - 3D printed keys

Category 200 Transmitters Receivers Transceivers Power Supplies
Will Harris KI4POV - 4 band transceiver

Category 300 All Scratch Built
James Scott WB0IYC - Multi-Reflex Receiver

Category 400 Test Equipment and Construction Aids
Harold Smith AE6TI

Category 500 Antennas, Solar, and Battery Chargers
Ross Ballantyne VK1UN - Antenna Tuners

Best of Show
Ross Ballantyne VK1UN

The  2-Transistor Receiver Challenge proved a challenge to perform!  We had four entries, and it became evident early on that noise from nearby switching power supplies was preventing measurement of the actual receiver noise floor.  Consequently the RF to Audio gain of receiver was used as the evaluation criterion, instead of the original plan to measure MDS.  The outcomes of the event were:

Entrant                           Gain
James Scott WB0IYC    60 dB
Harold Smith KE6TI       59 dB
Jerry Wolczanski            -
Will Harris KI4POC        38 dB

The winner of the Begali Key was Frank Cates W5BAP
The winner of the IC705 was Jeff Tucker W9TH
The winner of the FT818/A817 package was Tim McLeod

David W. Cripe, NM0S
NM0S Electronics

QRP Hall of Fame Has Two new Members

QRP-ARCI Announces Hall of Fame Induction 

The votes have been tabulated, and QRPARCI is pleased to announce that 

John Shannon K3WWP and Tom Witherspoon K4SWL  have been voted into the QRPARCI Hall of Fame. 

It is my pleasure to welcome John and Tom  into the QRP Hall of Fame!

73 Dave Cripe NM0S

QRP Amateur Radio Club International


QRP ARCI is a club for low power enthusiasts worldwide.

We produce a professional quality magazine (QRP Quarterly), organize an annual conference at Dayton ('Four Days In May' or FDIM), and sponsor various QRP contests and awards.

Our aim is to promote QRP and a variety of related activites. Many of our members enjoy home construction, kit building, antenna experimentation, backpacking and portable operation. Minimalist radios built in small tins are very popular but we also enjoy the very latest high performance radios such as the Elecraft KX3, the new SDR rigs, and great kits like the QCX from QRP Labs, kits from 4 States QRP Group, and the uBitx rigs. 

QRP-ARCI is an affiliated Club of the American Radio Relay League

Let us know if we can promote your club, group, kit or product.

New QRPARCI Mail List


A new Mail List has been started for QRPARCI on the groups.io platform.  This mail list is open to members and non-members alike for the discussion of QRPARCI topics.  QRP-ARCI Staff handles the moderation of the list and you can gain access by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and requesting to be added  to the mail list.  Be sure to add your callsign in the request. You can get your mail in digest form as well if you prefer it that way.   73 de ARCI Staff Moderators


QRP Quarterly

APR 2023

QRP Quarterly - OCT 2023
Table of Contents - And More! 

A Bit of Bother Abated by Baluns-W7DB
2023 FDIM 2-Transistor Challenge-WBØIYC
Minimalist (Q)RP2040-Based XCVRs-AI5BD
Extreme, Yet Practical Antennas-K6ARK
A Computing SWR Meter for QRP-WB9CYY
uBITX Audio Amp for Field Use-WB8BEL
A Troll Hike—Paul Signorelli-WØRW
Mildred Ridge: W6/NS-142-N9DK
A look back at QRP Quarterly - 1983

And much much more!


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