FDIM 2024 Speakers List

Four Days In May (FDIM) - the biggest and best QRP event in the World !

FDIM will be held at the Holiday Inn Fairborn Ohio.

Speaker Listing for FDIM 2024

Thursday MAY 16 2024 

Jack Purdum W8TEE - "The Construction and Use of a WhosZat"
Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE - "Evolving CW to SDRs: Using sbitx to bring CW to 21st century"
Cliff Batson N4CCB - "Adventures of a QRP Evangelist"
Hans Summers G0UPL - "Top 10 Junkbox projects!"
Wayne Burdick N6KR - "Designing the Elecraft KH1: From Vision to Reality"
Tom Witherspoon K4SWL - "Amplifying Your Adventures, Minimizing Your Power"
Gregg Latta AA8V - "The Amazing Thermionic Valve"
Ross Ballantyne VK1UN - "Stealth Ops from hotel rooms and other unlikely QTHs"
Topics, and times of presentation will be added as we have them.  Registration for FDIM 2024 will begin sometime in January 2024.
"There is still time to sign up for the FDIM Buildathon, taking place 4:00PM EDT on Friday in the Discovery/Challenger room.  Hosted by Rex Harper W1REX, the build project will be a simple transmitter using a logic IC.  Completed projects can be entered in the Logic IC Power Challenge contest taking place at 8:00 that evening.  For more information, go to Rex's web site at qrpme.com"
"There will be a Special Interest Group taking place at 7:30PM EDT THursday evening in the Kitty Hawk meeting room at the Fairborn Holiday Inn.  Titled, "The Dodecahedron: Time Synchronized Morse via CCW and QRSS.", it will be presented by Reg Beardsley."
de NM0S David Cripe - QRP ARCI President

Schedule for FDIM 2024

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)

Wednesday May 15 - Registration from 7:30PM to 9:30PM 

Thursday May 16 - Registration starts at 7:30AM Outside the Ballroom

Make sure you pick up your FDIM badge from the registration table

Thursday May 16 - Seminars

Beginning at 8AM and breaking at 10:45AM

Restarting at 11:00AM 

Lunch is from Noon to 1:00PM - sandwich buffet lunch included with Symposium

Restarting at 1:00PM and ending at 5:00PM

7PM to 8PM - Vendor registration and setup - Main Ballroom, no public access

8PM to 10PM - Vendor Night

Friday May 17th

7PM to 8PM - Club Registration and setup in the Main Ballroom, no public access

7PM to 8PM - Show and Tell Homebrew Contest Registration and setup in Ballroom

8PM to 9PM - Homebrew Contest Judging in the Ballroom

8PM to 10PM - Radio Show and Tell in the Ballroom

8PM to 10PM - Receiver Challenge

8PM to 10Pm - Club Night in the Ballroom

Saturday May 18th 

7PM - Awards Ceremony and Grand Banquet in Ballroom 

9PM - Post Banquet Chat Sessions, bring your QSL cards to trade

Sunday May 19th 

Hamvention and head back home

If you have any questions please let us know !

FDIM 2024 Homebrew Contest

Friday 17 May 2024
8PM to 10PM

FDIM 2024 - Homebrew Contest - Show and Tell

As in the past, we intend to allow entries in the Homebrew Contest to be displayed in the Ballroom on Club Night, Friday night, May 17, between 8PM and 10 PM. To enter an item in the contest and insure that it is part of the voting (on Friday night), you must register your item on Friday night between 7 PM and 8 PM. A registration table will be outside the main Ballroom at that time on both nights.

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