The QRP Amateur Radio Club International 'Elmer Award' may be submitted by any QRPARCI member for someone who has helped them along their amateur radio journey.  Traditionally Elmers were probably defined as someone, usually an older ham, who provided a helping hand and guidance for someone, usually younger, entering the ham radio community. 

In today's fast paced, ever changing world of technology, communication advances, and the advancing age of many hams the Elmer can be viewed from a different perspective.  Being licensed for many years, often decades, the tables can get reversed and it becomes the new, often much younger, ham who is performing the role of the Elmer by helping the more senior ham with guidance in new modes of communications and teaching some of the new technologies. 

The more senior ham may need help with antenna work or other station needs and the ham who once was considered an Elmer now is in need of the services they once provided.   By broadening the scope and definition more deserving hams may be acknowledged with an 'Elmer Award' by a member who has benefited from their help and guidance.   

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QRP Quarterly

QRP Quarterly - Oct 2017

QRP Quarterly - Oct 2017

Technical Articles

  • Idea Exchange—Mike Czuhajewski—WA8MCQ
  • NPOTA Antenna Wrap-up—N2CX
  • Replace Failed HW-8 Mixer Amp with JFET—KC9ON, WB2LHP
  • Lidia Receiver Input Filter Mods—W5USJ
  • Where is My Trap Tuned?—AF7ET

12 Ionospherica—Kazimierz “Kai” Siwiak—KE4PT

14 Let There Be Light—Bob Thompson—K5RWT

14 Old Milwaukee Antenna Mount—John Leonardelli—VE3IPS

16 Flying Saucer Resonators for the HF Bands—Barry A. Booth—W9UCW

21 How Many “UNs” is Enough?—Bob Thompson—K5RWT

24 A Simple QRPWattmeter—Paul Signorelli—WØRW

25 Battery Magic—Bob Thompson—K5RWT

28 Arduino Homebrew Project:

  • AD8307 Power Meter—DuWayne Schmidlkofer—KV4QB

32 NVIS Antenna for QRP Fun on 60M—John Leonardelli—VE3IPS

33 Here We Go Loopy Loop—Howard Zehr—K4LXY

The Joy of QRP

11 How to Copy CW in Your Head—Dan Romanchik—KB6NU

13 Grote Reber, W9GFZ and Radio Astronomy—Ed Breneiser—WA3WSJ

22 QRP in the Mountaineer State—Edward Breneiser—WA3WSJ

26 10 Questions About Your QRP Operations—John Leonardelli—VE3IPS

The World of QRP ARCI

3 Editorial—Mitch Gill—NA7US

4 From the President—Preston Douglas—WJ2V

40 New or Renewal Membership Application

40 QRP ARCI Staff and Directors


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