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  • QRP Quarterly not arrived,
    general QRP ARCI queries - contact QRP ARCI President
  • Problem with subscription payment,
    change of name/callsign/address - contact QRP ARCI Membership Secretary
  • Website query - contact Webmaster
  • Contest query - contact Contest Manager
  • QRP Quarterly editorial and article submission - contact Editor of QRP Quarterly
  • QRP Quarterly back issues - contact Toystore Manager
  • Idea Exchange book orders - contact Toystore Manager
Preston Douglas, WJ2V President
Kathy Bromley Vice President
Jack Nelson, K5FSE Treasurer / Toystore Manager
Charlotte Nelson, KJ4EDM Membership Secretary
Bob Lusby, K9FOH Awards Manager
Mitch Gill QRP Quarterly Editor
Jeff Hetherington Contest Manager
Brian Murrey, KB9BVN Webmaster