1 Watt SSB - USA to South Africa

QRP ARCI member Don Bush WA2TPU had a 3-way QSO with ZS1RJQ and ZS1PZ.
The QSO was recorded and should be an inspiration to everyone to try SSB at QRP power levels
Listen as the 3 stations drop their power levels to 1 Watt

Getting heard by QRPers


Next time you call CQ and get no reply, try announcing your presence on the QRP Spots website.

Tell other QRPers that you are on the air and looking for contacts. Of course you can use the QRP Spots website from the shack, but there are other options for /P portable stations and backpackers. Post your message via Twitter or, to keep things entirely ham related send an APRS message from a compatible handheld.

QRP Hall Of Fame

QRP Hall Of Fame inductees are usually announced at FDIM (Four Days In May) and in the July issue of QRP Quarterly

Applications will be open for nominations to the QRPARCI Hall of Fame.  There is no special form or application, and nominations may be made by individuals, clubs, or even the nominee him/herself.  Nominations will be accepted until March 30, 2018 and voting will be done around April 15 by the eligible officers and board members of QRPARCI.  Send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Preston Douglas WJ2V, president QRPARCI


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QRP Frequencies

Center of Activity

These are not Calling Frequencies, they are Centers Of Activity - places where QRPers are likely to be found.

Of course, you may operate QRP anywhere that your license allows. If you have a VFO, then use it - but check around the QRP Frequencies on a regular basis.

Table of QRP Frequencies

Ozark Patrol from 4SQRP

Ozark Patrol receiver

The Ozark Patrol from 4SQRP is a regenerative receiver designed by QRP Hall Of Fame member, Dave Cripe NM0S

It's easy to put together and works really well for such a simple design. A support group is on hand if you get stuck.

Take a look at the Ozark Patrol page on the 4SQRP website.

QRP Power

QRP operation for QRP ARCI purposes is defined as operation with a transmitter power output equal to or less than 10 W PEP output for single-sideband or double-sideband phone (suppressed or full-carrier) and equal to or less than 5 W PEP output for other modes (e.g. CW, FM, AM, digital).

QRP ARCI awards and contests are based on these output levels.

QRP Quarterly Index

QRP Quarterly cover

An index of QRP Quarterly artcicles has been compiled by Chuck Boblenz AD6GI.

Two versions are available listing by author and by article title.

They cover QRP Quarterly magazines published between 1980 and 2012

QRP Quarterly - Jan 2018

The latest QRP Quarterly (Jan 2018) has been mailed to subscribers

Ensure delivery of the next 4 copies by joining QRP ARCI now - $25 for one year ($28 if not in USA)

Propagation Update

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