QRP Hall Of Fame

QRP Hall Of Fame inductees are usually announced at FDIM (Four Days In May) and in the July issue of QRP Quarterly

Applications will be open for nominations to the QRPARCI Hall of Fame.  There is no special form or application, and nominations may be made by individuals, clubs, or even the nominee him/herself.  Nominations will be accepted until March 30, 2018 and voting will be done around April 15 by the eligible officers and board members of QRPARCI.  Send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Preston Douglas WJ2V, president QRPARCI



Members QRP ARCI Hall of Fame


Chuck Adams, K5FO/K7QO (1998)   Rex Harper, W1REX (2010)
Brice Anderson, W9PNE (1996) (silent key)   Wes Hayward, W7ZOI (1996)
Rich Arland, K7SZ (2002)   Dave Ingram, K4TWJ (2010) (silent key)
Dave Benson, NN1G (1999)   Doug Hendricks, KI6DS (1997)
Harry Blomquist, K6JSS (2008) (silent key)   George Heron, N2APB (2001)
Fred Bonivita, K5QLF (2007) (silent key)   Craig Johnson, AA0ZZ (2013)
Jay Bromley, W5JAY (2012)   Pete Juliano, N6QW (2015)
Michael Bryce, WB8VGE (2000)   Martin Jue, K5FLU (2009)
Wayne Burdick, N6KR (1998)   Bill Kelsey, N8ET (2004)
George Burt, GM3OXX (1996) (silent key)   Ian Keyser, G3ROO (2004)
Rick Campbell, KK7B (2009)   Hank Kohl, K8DD (2007) (silent key)
Jim Cates, WA6GER (1998) (silent key)   Jim Kortge, K8IQY (2002)
L. B. Cebik, W4RNL (1999) (silent key)   Zack Lau, W1VT (2014)
Arnold (Arnie) Coro, CO2KK (2003)   Roy Llewellyn, W7EL (1992)
Dave Cripe, NM0S (2014)   Rick Littlefield, K1BQT (1996)
Mike Czuhajewski, WA8MCQ (1997)   Bill Meara, N2CQR(2016)
Tom Davis, K8IF (1996)   Tony Parks, KB9YIG (2009)
Doug DeMaw, W1FB (1992) (silent key)   Dick Pascoe, G0BPS (1997)
Drew Diamond, VK3XU (2013)   Randy Rand, AA2U (1992)
Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV (1992) (silent key)   C. F. Rockey, W9SCH (1996) (silent key)
James Duffy, KK5MC (2007)   Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ (2005)
Ken Evans, W4DU (2008)   Jim Stafford, W4QO (2010)
Joe Everhart, N2CX (2000)   Hans Summers, G0UPL (2009)
Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE (2016)   Dan Tayloe, N7VE (2013)
Graham Firth, G3MFJ (2003)   Gus Taylor, G8PG (1998) (silent key)
Tony Fishpool , G4WIF (2003)   Steve Weber, KD1JV (2004)
Terry Fletcher, WA0ITP (2012)   Adrian Weiss, W0RSP (1996)
Dieter (“Diz”) Gentzow, W8DIZ, (2005)   Peter Zenker, DL2FI (2001)
Paul Harden, NA5N (1999)   Kevin Zietz, VK5AKZ (2012)
Ed Hare, W1RFI (2014)   Bob Rosier K4OCE (2018)
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