Toystore is back in business !

The QRP ARCI Toystore is back and is ready to take your order.

Responsibility for the Toystore has transferred to the QRP ARCI Treasury team - Jack Nelson K5FSE and Charlotte Nelson KJ4EDM.

To make things simpler the inventory has been reduced. You can order the new Idea Exchange book right now and the last 8 issues of QRP Quarterly will be added shortly.

Please place your order online using the 'Buy Now' button on this page. Credit and debit card orders can be accepted - you do not have to have a PayPal account. Do not send checks to previously published addresses - if you really cannot pay online contact the QRP ARCI Toystore for information on check payments.

New QRP ARCI publication

Best Of Idea Exchange

QRP ARCI announces the publication of a new book - "The Best of Idea Exchange"

This will quickly become a needed information source for your work bench. The content is drawn from 20 years of the Idea Exchange in past QRP Quarterly magazines.

There are 138 pages of useful information divided into seven sections -

  1. Components
  2. Circuit Design
  3. Test & Measurement
  4. Tools & Techniques
  5. Repairs & Modifications
  6. Antennas
  7. Miscellaneous Ideas

This is an excellent resource full of useful data.  We hope you enjoy it.

Ken Evans, W4DU
President - QRP ARCI

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