• FDIM Seminars

    Thursday May 16, 2019 - QRP Symposium  We are proud to announce the presenters for the 2019 FDIM Symposium 9:00AM Jerry Wolczanski "DC transceivers" 9:50AM Rick McGaver "Quartzfest" 10:35AM Break 11:00AM Hans Summers "Challenges of SSB" 12:00PM Lunch1:30PM Dave Cripe "Reinartz and the Radio Boy" 2:30PM Break 2:45PM  Joe Everhart and George Herron  "Port QRP Antennas, Homebrew a Shack, Arduino-based Audio Analyzer" 4:30PM  Dr. Jack Purdum "Creating Your Own CW Tutor"    
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FDIM 2018 - Prize Sponsors

FDIM 2018 had numerous prize donations from the following vendors, and QRP Operators. Thank you all very much for helping to make FDIM such a fantastic QRP gathering.

Ashhar Farhan - uBITX kits
Productive Industries Inc - Magnetic Alpha Loop Antenna
Elecraft - KX2 and KX3 w/ pan adapter
3rd Planet Solar - Multiple kits
4 States QRP - Designer Boards & Ozarks Patrol Receiver
Begali Keys - 2 Beautiful Keys
DX Engineering - Many items, including a major antenna system DXE-TW2010L
Kanga UK - multiple kits
MFJ - accessories
N0WL - Ebay gift certificates
N3ZN - Keys
Pacific Antenna - trap dipole
Pro Audio - Low RFI power supply
QRP Guys - Kit
Vibroplex - Key
WA3RNC - Quick Kit 40 and Crystalplexer
ARRL - Handbook and more
QRP Labs - QCX transceivers

Preston Douglas WJ2V
QRP-ARCI President