• FDIM Seminars

    Thursday May 16, 2019 - QRP Symposium  We are proud to announce the presenters for the 2019 FDIM Symposium 9:00AM Jerry Wolczanski "DC transceivers" 9:50AM Rick McGaver "Quartzfest" 10:35AM Break 11:00AM Hans Summers "Challenges of SSB" 12:00PM Lunch1:30PM Dave Cripe "Reinartz and the Radio Boy" 2:30PM Break 2:45PM  Joe Everhart and George Herron  "Port QRP Antennas, Homebrew a Shack, Arduino-based Audio Analyzer" 4:30PM  Dr. Jack Purdum "Creating Your Own CW Tutor"    
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FDIM 2019 Spouse Activities

FDIM Spouse Activities

Susan Aiello, spouse of Karl Heinz Kremer (K5KHK), is a spinner, weaver and knitter. She plans to focus her time in Ohio in these areas and would love for any other fiber-loving spouses to join her on any of these activities! Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Susan’s plans include a field trip to a highly recommended shop, Fiber Optic Hand- Dyed Yarn and Fiber,  (www.kimberbaldwindesigns.com)  where we can shop, spin, knit and have lunch at a nearby restaurant. How about a trip to a local yak farm? Susan will also provide supplies and teach a beginner drop spindle class if anyone is interested!

Keep an eye on the FDIM website for more details as the plans continue to take shape!