• FDIM Seminars

    Thursday May 17th - QRP Symposium  We are proud to announce the presenters for the 2018 FDIM Symposium Jim Stafford W4QO - HOF 2010 - How to Succeed at QRP SSB  Hans Summers, G0UPL - HOF 2009 - Modern QRP Rigs and the Development of the QCX CW Transceiver Kit Michael Bryce, WB8VGE - HOF 2000 - Designing and Building Your Own Gear Jim Duffy, KK5MC - HOF 2007 - Adding UHF and VHF to your QRP Station Ed Breneiser, WA3WSJ and  Walt Skavinsky, KB3SBC - Operating from Over 70 National Parks in 2016 Dr. Jack Purdum, W8TEE - Homebrewing Ham radio Gear  What a great lineup of QRP speakers!       
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Homebrew Contest and Show N Tell

Friday 18 May 2018
8PM to 10PM

FDIM 2018 - Homebrew Contest - Show and Tell

As in the past, we intend to allow entries in the Homebrew Contest* to be
displayed in the Ballroom on Club Night, Friday night, May 18, between 8PM
and 10 PM. To enter an item in the contest and insure that it is part of
the voting (on Friday night), you must register your item on Friday night
between 7 PM and 8 PM. A registration table will be outside the main
Ballroom at that time on both nights.

Each entry will be given a card that lists the category and item number,

along with a description of the item and the call sign of the owner. This
card must be displayed with your entry.

Judging will be done between 8 PM and 10 PM on Friday night, so your entry
must be displayed Friday night to insure it is part of the voting. The
judges will be the attendees of the Club night on Friday. Each will be
given a ballot that must be submitted by 10:00 PM on Friday. There will be
seven categories.

1..All Homebrew (Xcvr,Xmtr,Rcvr)
2..Modified Kit (Xcvr,Xmtr,Rcvr)
3..Station accessories (homebrew or modified kit)
4..Test Equipment (homebrew or modified kit)
6..Special Category
7..Best of show

Winners will be announced at the awards banquet on Saturday, May 19. If you
are bringing an item for the Show & Tell* and do not wish it to be judged,
you need not register, simply come to the ballroom between 7PM and 8PM and
set it up on a table that we will assign to you. Whether you are part of
the Homebrew Contest or the "Show and Tell", please let us know your
intentions when you register so that we can assure we have adequate space
for all.

Homebrew Contest - You bring one of your latest projects and display it. On
Friday night, attendees will be able to vote for a winner in one of the

Show & Tell - You bring one of your latest projects and display it. Your
project will not be part .of the voting in the Homebrew Contest