• FDIM 2017 - Four Days In May

    'Four Days In May' is the annual convention of the QRP Amateur Radio Club International. It is held in Dayton OH and runs in parallel with the famous Dayton Hamvention. May 18, 19, 20, 21 2017.
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FDIM 2017 Buildathon

Friday 19 May 2017
4.00pm - 8.00pm

Once again THANKS to Rex Harper W1REX for hosting the FDIM Buildathon !

Due to all the latest interest in FT-243 crystals and crystal grinding, I have decided to update the workshop that was presented by myself, W1REX, Darell Brehm, WA4OPY, and Ron Hale, AC5UR at the Ozarkcon 2006 QRP convention. We held a hands on workshop where everyone ripped open an out of band surplus FT243 crystal, removed the quartz blank and re-ground it to a QRP friendly frequency. That workshop was focused on the crystal grinding. The FDIM 2017 Buildathon will add a kit to the process. we will first build an integrated crystal oscillator and frequency counter, calibrate it and then grind an FT-243 crystal from somewhere in the 6.x Mhz region to a desired 40m frequency. I will provide a genuine factory OLD FT-243 crystal within grinding distance of the 40m band as part of the Buildathon package.

As usual, the Buildathon will also include a time out for a complementary pizza party so that builders won't miss dinner while we build. Directly after the Buildathon, the now sated builders only need to take a short walk around the lobby in order to enjoy the FDIM Club night being held in the adjacent ballroom.

We will be using the *USUAL* format of the Buildathon so we can register 35 builders.... Don't wait until the last minute to sign up! After that, you will just have to resort to picking up your kit at the FDIM Buildathon and taking it home.....


Registration for the Buildathon is completed with Rex.  


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