Spring QSO Party 2013 results

The results of the 2013 Spring QSO Party are now available - here

In the A1 AB category Brian, VE3MGY, beat Arn Olean, K0ZK, by a fairly close margin with Arn having 3 more mults but 64 less points. In the A1 HighBand category Chuck Stroud, KA8HDE took the top honors while Duaine Demus, KA6AIL took the top spot in the SB15 category.  In the SB20 category Phil Graitcer, W3HZZ, took the lead with the high score while Paul Kirley, W8TM worked 44 stations while running 4 watts to lead the SB40 section.

In the A2 category the AB winner was John Laney, K4BAI, with 278,656 points. Not to be out done Bob Patten, N4BP, took the top honors in the A2 HighBand category with 356,846 points. In the A2 SB20 category Don Calbick was unchallenged in his SB20 effort and made 40 QSO’s. A full report will be presented in the Summer edition of QQ.

Congratulations to all !!

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