Homebrew Contest / Show&Tell

Friday 16 May 2014
8.00pm - 10.00pm

We encourage everyone with a homebrew project to display at FDIM. You can choose whether you want it to be judged or just displayed.

The categories are -

  • All hombrew (transceiver, transmitter, receiver)
  • Modified kit (transceiver, transmitter, receiver)
  • Station accessory (homebrew or modified kit)
  • Test equipment (homebrew or modified kit)
  • Antenna
  • SPECIAL CATEGORY - Crystal Sets
    This can be a set you built just for this competition, one you built when you were a kid - it just has to be something you built personally!  So bring out those old crystal sets (or new ones) and enter them in this SPECIAL CATEGORY.

There are awards in each category and also a special 'Best Of Show' prize.

To enter an item in the contest and ensure that it is part of the voting, you must register your item between 7.00pm and 8.00pm on Friday. A registration table will be outside the main Ballroom.

Each entry will be given a card that lists the category and item number, along with a description of the item and the call sign of the owner.  This card must be displayed with your entry.

Judging will be done between 8.00pm and 10.00pm on Friday night. The judges will be the attendees of the Club Night on Friday. Each will be given a ballot that must be submitted by 10.00pm on Friday.

Winners will be announced at the Grand Banquet on Saturday, May 17.  If you are bringing an item for the Show & Tell and do not wish it to be judged,  you need not register, simply come to the Ballroom between 7.45pm and 8.00pm. A table will be assigned and you can set up before the doors open to the public at 8.00pm.

Whether you are part of the Homebrew Contest or the 'Show & Tell', please let us know your intentions when you register so that we can assure we have adequate space for all.

As to SHOW/TELL, we encourage every attendee to bring something to show at Club Night.
You do not have to be part of a club to bring an item to show.
These are items that are not judged as part of any competition.  This can be just about anything related to QRP - something you built, something you bought that might be of interest to others, your "go kit" or even a display of your shack, antennas, a SOTA that you operated from, gadgets, achievement awards gained from an indoor antenna, etc etc.  You can see this is really wide open.  It's to make CLUB NIGHT something every ham at Dayton would want to attend.



Homebrew Contest – You bring one of your latest projects and display it. On Friday night, attendees will be able to vote for a winner in one of the categories.

Show & Tell – You bring one of your latest projects and display it.  Your project will not be part of the voting in the Homebrew Contest.

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QRP Quarterly - Summer 2014

QRP Quarterly - Summer 2014

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