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  • QRP Quarterly not arrived,
    general QRP ARCI queries - contact QRP ARCI President
  • Problem with subscription payment,
    change of name/callsign/address - contact QRP ARCI Membership Secretary
  • Website query - contact Webmaster
  • Contest query - contact Contest Manager
  • QRP Quarterly editorial and article submission - contact Editor of QRP Quarterly
  • QRP Quarterly back issues - contact Toystore Manager
  • Idea Exchange book orders - contact Toystore Manager
Preston Douglas, WJ2V President
Kathy Bromley, WQ5T Vice President
Charlotte Nelson, KJ4EDM Membership Secretary
Bill Kelsey, N8ET Toystore Manager
Bob Lusby, K9FOH Awards Manager
Mitch Gill, NA7US QRP Quarterly Editor
Jeff Hetherington, VA3JFF Contest Manager
Brian Murrey, KB9BVN Webmaster