New Contest Manager

The staff at QRP-ARCI would like to welcome our newest Contest Manager.  Paul Womble K4FB has accepted the position of Contest Manager and we look forward to all the upcoming events on the contest calendar today.  Paul lives in Florida and has been a past FDIM attendee, and a member of QRP-ARCI for about 20 years.  At the same time we say THANK YOU to Jeff Hetherington VA3JFF / VE3CW for his years and years of leadership in this position.  Jeff is a member of the QRP-ARCI Board and has been a member of QRP-ARCI for a very long time. 

Thanks to Jeff and welcome to Paul! 

de QRP ARCI Staff


QRP Quarterly

APR 2020

QRP Quarterly - April 2020

Technical Articles

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RFI from LED Light Rope—W6DAN
Repairing Torn Speaker Cones—K8VU
Acid Brushes for Flux Removal—WA8MCQ

Fun With Crystals and Simple Circuits-K4OCE
Low Level Multiband Loop—VE3AB
Partridge Joystick Antenna —VE3IPS
The $2 Quick One —VE3IPS
30 Meter CW Transceiver —N6QW


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