QRP Hall Of Fame - news update

QRPARCI is proud to announce that two new inductees were elected to our Hall of Fame.

 Ashhar Farhan and Bill Meara received the necessary votes from the eligible body.  Folks will recognize Ashhar as the Indian inventor and popularizer of the BitX SSB home-brew series which has enabled hams from all over the world to assemble voice transceivers from available local parts.  One remarkable feature was the use of faucet washers as the core for the toroid coils the rigs needed--typical of the ingenuity involved in the work.  Currently, Farhan is developing a multi band rig based on the inexpensive and readily available Arduino and DDS chips, so that home brewers can build a competent transceiver for the whole HF spectrum.  Farhan was our dinner speaker at the FDIM banquet, where he reviewed the development of the BitX, and we surprised him with the news that he'd been elected to HOF. 

Bill Meara has been the tireless host of the online podcast, Soldersmoke, which publishes monthly.  He is nearing 200 episodes, each about an hour in length.  Originally co-hosted with Mike KL7R, Bill carried on alone after the untimely death of Mike.  The show covers construction and operating simple, mostly analog circuits, with humor and jargon, and it has hundreds of followers.  In more recent years, our HOF member, Pete Juliano, has joined with Bill to again make the show a two-ham discussion, while Pete continues to pull Bill into the digital age.  Bill is the author of several books, including "SolderSmoke, Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics" which combines the saga of growing up in the ham radio tradition with explanations of radio technology and lore.  Bill is one of the Johnny Appleseeds of QRP in the last fifteen or so years.  If you haven't been listening to SolderSmoke, you're missing some great ham radio oriented entertainment.

Preston Douglas WJ2V, President

QRP Quarterly

QRP Quarterly - January 2017

QRP Quarterly - January 2017

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