Vendor Evening

Thursday 15 May 2014
8.00pm - 10.00pm

Vendors and QRP clubs from around the World will be selling kits, components, antennas and all kinds of goodies. In 2013 we had tables reserved for companies from North America, South America, Europe and Asia !

This is a great place to buy. The vendors have time to chat and you can take your purchases back to the hotel room. For customers, doors open at 8.00pm

Vendors include -

  • Ten-Tec
  • Begali
  • Alpha Antenna
  • 4 State QRP Group
  • QRPme
  • Hamsource
  • Gary Schultz, N8WTT



If you want to reserve a place at Vendor Evening please -

  • let us know how many tables you need (1 or 2)
  • do you need access to an electricity outlet ?

Vendor Evening is held in The Ball Room.
Vendors will have access to set up tables at 7pm, doors open to the public at 8pm

Tables are provided free of charge but we would appreciate a donation of a door prize to be presented at the Grand Banquet.

All prize donations will be acknowledged and sponsors will be supported on the QRP ARCI website.

Send table requests and prize donation offers to -  Steve Fletcher, G4GXL at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Confirmed Vendors

Company Prize Donation Tables Power Contact Website
Ten-Tec Two Ten-Tec Rebel transceivers 2 Yes Jim, NO4A
Begali ? ? Yes Piero, I2RTF
Alpha Antenna Alpha EzMilitary Antenna 2 No Steve, N0TES
4 State QRP   2 Yes Jim, K8IQY
Hamsource Choice of -
31 foot pole or
Windcamp Dipole Antenna
2 No John, N1OLO  
QRPme   2   Rex, W1REX
Gary Schultz Customized clock 1 No Gary, N8WTT  


QRP Quarterly

QRP Quarterly - Winter 2014

QRP Quarterly - Winter 2014

  • Antennas 101: QRP on Low Bands (K9AY)
  • Ham Central Terminal (KF0UR)
  • Open Source Development with Ten-Tec Rebel (KE4MIQ)
  • Low Voltage Bench PSU (K9OSC)
  • Expedition to J6 (NM4T)
  • Colorado QRP Pedestrian Mobile (WA3WSJ)
  • Cyclone 40m Transceiver review (WB9YYY)
  • Quickie Marconi Antenna (N2CX)
  • Common Gate FET Amplifiers (KK7B)
  • Lithium Ion Batery Pack for QRP (K4LXY)
  • Two Wire Connector Adapters (W4OP)
  • Transistor Cut-off Frequency Checker (ND6T)
  • PowerPole DC Distribution Block (K9OSC)
  • Improving your Mobile Signal (K3NLT)
  • QRP Clubhouse
  • QRP Contests
  • FDIM Announcement

Mailed to subscribers - January 2014

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