Website Update

We working on it ! OK ?

Please bear with us as we continue to add content to the website.

Time dependant features such as QRP Quarterly renewals and QRP Contest announcements were given priority initially.

More pages are being developed - the QRP Toystore is being re-written as an online shop, there will be features for portable operators, builders, antenna experimenters and more . . .

The new QRP Operating feature will include news, frequency info, hints and tips. The technical area is being kick started to support builders and and add value to articles published in QRP Quarterly. 

The beta test of the new digital edition of QRP Quarterly has already started. Behind the scenes many changes have been made to enable membership information to be maintained online.

All this takes time. QRPers have a wide range of interests from contesting to awards, building to portable operation, CW to digital modes. Everyone has their own opinion on what they would like to see featured next.  A 'must have' article for one person is of no interest to another. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed, let us know what features would be useful to you ! But, please, have some patience and be realistic about the time and effort involved.

QRP Quarterly

QRP Quarterly - Summer 2014

QRP Quarterly - Summer 2014

  • Out and About with QRP (NM4T)
  • FDIM 2014 Report (WB9NLZ)
  • Many Ways To Homebrew (KE6TI)
  • Auto-Tuned Mag Loop Antenna (AA0VE)
  • CW Sender - Part 2 (KK6FUT + N6QW)
  • QRP Clubhouse
  • QRP Contests

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